Published April 29, 2024

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2023年は新型iPadを発表しなかったAppleが、iPadラインナップへの新モデル投入を発表する見通しだ。11.1インチと12.9インチのiPad Proモデルの一部として、初めてOLEDを搭載したiPadを発表する。Appleはタブレット市場で圧倒的なメーカーであることから、OLEDへの移行は2024年のOLEDタブレット市場を急成長させることになるだろう。iPadに搭載されるOLEDはLTPO、120Hzリフレッシュレート、タンデムスタック、薄型ガラスという仕様で高輝度、バッテリーと製品の長寿命を実現する超薄型の軽量ディスプレイで、市場で圧倒的に優れたタブレット用OLEDになることが予測される。


The Future of OLED Manufacturing Report で解説しているように、タンデム構造の光漏れはクロストークが原因で発生する。

Apple to Announce OLED iPads on May 7th, LGD and 12.9” Dominating on SDC’s Challenges

※ご参考※ 無料翻訳ツール (DeepL)

Apple will announce new entries to its iPad line-up after not announcing any new iPads in 2023. For the first time, Apple will introduce iPads with an OLED display as part of its iPad Pro models at both 11.1” and 12.9”. With Apple the dominant tablet supplier, the shift to OLED will drive significant growth for the OLED tablet market in 2024. The OLED iPad panels are expected to be by far the best OLED tablet panels on the market with LTPO, 120Hz refresh, a tandem stack and glass thinning resulting in ultra-thin and light displays with high brightness, extended battery life and long lifetime.

We have been tracking OLED iPad panel production and shipments as shown in the figure below. As shown, 12.9” volumes have been higher than 11.1” each month and more than 60% of the February to May total, even though the 11.1” model will have a lower price point and was expected to have higher volumes. Why is that? We hear it is due to SDC having light leakage challenges in the tandem stack contributing to lower yields. With LGD the exclusive 12.9" supplier and also contributing some 11.1" volumes, it is expected to account for 65% of the February to May volumes of the OLED iPads, a rare win for LGD vs. SDC in mobile OLEDs.

OLED iPad Pro Panel Shipments

As described in our Future of OLED Manufacturing Report, light leakage in tandem structures is caused by cross talk. Cross talk happens in tandem structures when the electrical charge flows to neighboring pixels due to the lack of precision caused by the fine metal and open masks. To solve this problem, the charge path should be cut by creating a reverse taper shape between the PDL and pixels as shown below. SDC may have taken longer than LGD to optimize this step. In addition, while LGD has a dedicated tandem evaporator in its AP5/E7 fab which is optimized for tablet and notebook panel production with rigid + TFE substrates and experience with producing tandem OLEDs for automotive panels, SDC is producing tandem panels for the first time and is using equipment optimized for single stack flexible OLED production at its A3 lines that may have added to the time required to optimize its tandem depositions. We also hear SDC is testing a different p-dopant layer for the CGL which could also help minimize cross talk in the future.

Solving the Cross Talk Issue in Tandem OLEDs

Apple will launch the new iPads through a video presentation on at 7AM PST with press likely invited for a hands-on event on launch day. With the theme “Let Loose” and the use of an Apple pencil, we expect to see:

  • The new 11.1” and 12.9” OLED iPad Pro’s;
  • A third generation Apple Pencil which will support new squeeze gestures and may include enhanced haptic feedback.
  • A new Magic Keyboard which will make it look more like a laptop and include a sturdier frame;
  • A 12.9” LCD iPad Air. This will be the largest iPad Air to date. It will be edge-lit with LEDs;
  • A refresh to the 10.9” LCD iPad Air which currently retails for $599. It will remain edge-lit.

According to Bloomberg, the Pro models are expected to get the M3 or M4 processor with the yet to be released M4 offering an enhanced neural engine with AI functionality. The Air models are expected to get the M2 or M3 processor. Both models are expected to ship with the updated iPadOS 17.5.

While the 12.9” MiniLED iPad Pro will be retired, we hear there will be a new 12.9” MiniLED iPad introduced in Q4’24. It could be another Pro, another Air or a regular iPad. We will see if that comes to fruition or not.

関連調査レポート The Future of OLED Manufacturing Report の詳細仕様・販売価格・一部実データ付き商品サンプル・WEB無料ご試読は こちらから お問い合わせください。

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