Published July 25, 2022



  • BOE B12
  • BOE B16
  • China Star T8
  • Tianma TM18
  • SDC T8 ITフェーズ1。フェーズ2は前倒し
  • China Star T5フェーズ2
  • China Star T9
  • Sharp SIOフェーズ8

SDC A4 L7-2フェーズ2については、同社が承認の決定を9月に繰り上げたことから、9ヵ月前倒しとした。このG6ラインの拡張は、LGDのAP5ラインと同様、タンデム構造のスタック型を推進するものだが、両ラインともターゲットはIT市場になると見られる。


詳細については Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Market Share Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします) をご参照いただきたい。

Display Fab Schedules Pushed Out on Market Weakness

As we continue to work on our latest LCD and OLED fab schedules, which should be published the week of July 25th, we already see a clear theme and that is delays in timing. This is a natural outcome of the Crystal Cycle when prices are low and companies are losing money, they push out new investments, which increase capacity. There is no doubt this makes sense at this time with fab utilization falling to 73% in Q3’22 to slow down price reductions. Panel suppliers added too much capacity in 2021 and 2022 expecting the demand pulled in during the pandemic to continue to increase.

Meaningful delays in PO timing, move-in timing, install timing or MP timing were added this quarter to investments at:

  • BOE B12;
  • BOE B16;
  • China Star T8;
  • Tianma TM18;
  • SDC T8 IT Phase 1, with Phase 2 pulled in;
  • China Star T5 Phase 2;
  • China Star T9;
  • Sharp SIO Phase 8.

We did pull in SDC A4 L7-2 Phase 2 by nine months as they moved up their approval decision to September and this G6 expansion will likely target the IT market along with LGD’s AP5 line with both lines pursuing tandem stacks.

We also moved a couple of fabs out of our fab schedules to what we call Probability E or Watch List, which aren’t represented in our forecast. In this case, these moves are mostly due to worsening financial situations at these particular companies.

For more specifics, please see our Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Market Share Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします).

Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Market Share Report



1) まずは「お問い合わせフォーム」経由のご連絡にて、ご紹介資料、国内販売価格、一部実データ付きサンプルをご返信します。2) その後、DSCCアジア代表・田村喜男アナリストによる「本レポートの強み~DSCC独自の分析手法とは」のご説明 (お電話またはWEB面談) の上、お客様のミッションやお悩みをお聞かせください。本レポートを主候補に、課題解決に向けた最適サービスをご提案させていただきます。 3) ご購入後も、掲載内容に関するご質問を国内お客様サポート窓口が承り、質疑応答ミーティングを通じた国内外アナリスト/コンサルタントとの積極的な交流をお手伝いします。

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