Published November 7, 2022

ディスプレイ業界は史上最悪レベルの不況に苦しんでいるが、その中でMiniLEDが好材料として挙げられることがDSCCの Quarterly MiniLED Backlight Technologies, Cost and Shipment Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします) で明らかになった。Q3’22のMiniLEDバックライト出荷台数は510万台に到達、前期比30%増・前年比158%増の成長を示している。

  • 10月にMetaが新たなVR機器であるQuest Proを発売した。この機器は画質を向上させるMiniLEDバックライトを搭載している。Quest Proは初めてMiniLEDを搭載したVR機器だ。MiniLEDはIT (タブレット、ノートPC、モニター) および TV 分野で広く採用されている。
  • Apple向けがMiniLED出荷枚数を独占している状況が続いている。iPad向け出荷枚数は140万枚、MacBook向け出荷枚数は200 万枚だった。DSCCのLeo Liuアナリスト (台湾) は「Apple向けMiniLED出荷はMiniLED製品全体の70%以上のシェアを占めている。iPadでは2024年以降、MacBookでは2025 年以降にOLED が採用されることから、2025年まで状況は変わらない見通しだ」と述べている。

DSCCの Quarterly MiniLED Backlight Technologies, Cost and Shipment Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします) ではMiniLEDバックライト出荷データを、2022年までの実績と見通しについては四半期ベースで、2026年までの予測については年間ベースで提供している。

Despite Downturn in the Display Industry, DSCC Report Reveals MiniLEDs Are Growing Steadily

While the display industry is suffering through one of its worst downturns in its history, DSCC’s Quarterly MiniLED Backlight Technologies, Cost and Shipment Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします) revealed that MiniLEDs are a bright spot. Q3’22 MiniLED backlight shipments reached 5.1M units with 30% Q/Q and 158% Y/Y growth.

  • In October, Meta launched its new VR device, the Quest Pro. It is embedded with a MiniLED backlight to enhance picture quality. The Quest Pro is the first VR device with MiniLED for Meta. MiniLED has been widely adopted in the IT (tablet, notebook and monitor) and TV fields.
  • Apple continued to dominate MiniLED shipments. iPad shipments were 1.4M units and MacBook with 2M units. According to DSCC Director of Taiwan Operations, Leo Liu, “Apple MiniLED shipments have more than 70% share of total MiniLED products. We expect to see the same situation before 2025, due to OLED adoption in the iPad after 2024 and MacBook after 2025.”

Looking forward, DSCC forecasts MiniLED Backlight shipments by quarter through 2022 and by year through 2026. Some other highlights from the Quarterly MiniLED Backlight Technologies, Cost and Shipment Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします):

  • MiniLED panel shipments for all applications were 9.8M panels in 2021 and we expect them to reach 37M panels in 2026;
  • The highest Y/Y growth will be 88% in 2022 and drop to 17% in 2026;
  • Notebook will be the main driving force for MiniLED growth before 2026;
  • The 12.9” iPad Pro and 14”/16” MacBook Pro will maintain a large contribution to MiniLED tablet & notebook shipments before 2025;
  • OLED will be adopted in the iPad in 2024 and in the MacBook Pro in 2025. This will have a big impact on MiniLED;
  • Samsung, LG and main TV brands in China continue to push MiniLED TVs to market. This will drive TV to become the largest application for MiniLED shipments after 2026;
  • Apart from IT and TV displays, MiniLEDs are starting to penetrate into more applications such as AR/VR, automotive, medical, etc.

The latest MiniLED report provides a comprehensive analysis on shipments, a technology update, cost breakdown/analysis, new product update/roadmap, new/current product supply chain and a forecast to 2026. This valuable information allows subscribers to gain a deeper understanding about MiniLED development and its future.

DSCC’s Quarterly Quarterly MiniLED Backlight Technologies, Cost and Shipment Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします) includes quarterly data through 2022 and annual data through 2026 by brand, model, panel size, resolution, refresh rate, backplane technology, number of LEDs, dimming zones, etc., and includes panel shipments, MiniLED chip shipments, panel revenues, backlight revenues, panel prices, backlight prices, backlight bill of materials and much more. For more information, please contact

Quarterly Quarterly MiniLED Backlight Technologies, Cost and Shipment Report



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