SamsungがZ Flip 5とZ Fold 5を発売、期待は控えめ

Published July 31, 2023

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Samsungが7月26日開催の同社イベント、UnpackedでZ Flip 5とZ Fold 5を発表した。昨年の過剰生産によってZ Flip 4とZ Fold 4の生産は8月から10月にかけて最大80%減少、iPhone 14の発売後には勢いが著しく失われたことで、SamsungはZ Flip 5とZ Fold 5に対しては8月から10月にかけてほぼ50%減と慎重姿勢を取っている。Samsungは6月から10月の生産台数について、Z Flip 5は対Z Flip 4で前年比1%減、Z Fold 5は対Z Fold 4で前年比7.5%減になると予想している。


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Samsung launched the Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 at its Unpacked event on July 26th. After overbuilding last year and suffering an ~80% decline in production on the Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 from August to October losing significant momentum once the iPhone 14 was launched, Samsung is taking a more cautious approach on the Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 with more like a 50% decline from August to October and Samsung expecting June – October production volumes to be down 1% Y/Y for the Z Flip 5 vs. the Z Flip 4 and 7.5% for the Z Fold 5 vs. the Z Fold 4.

What do the new devices offer?

The Z Flip 5 has the same foldable display at 6.7” with 120Hz refresh, LTPO and 2640 x 1080 resolution. The cover display is the main difference growing from 1.9” on the Z Flip 4 to 3.4” on the Z Flip 5. The new display is 3.78x larger on an area basis. Resolution increases from 512 x 260 to 748 x 720 and it is a lot more functional, resulting in improved use of widgets such as weather, music, stocks, email responses using a QWERTY keyboard, etc. You can even look at multiple widgets at the same time. It also works as a much better viewfinder allowing you to take selfies with the rear camera and to more easily preview images taken.

The other significant difference is the hinge, which transitions from wedge or U-shaped on the Z Flip 4 to water drop shaped on the Z Flip 5 and now closes flat rather than leaving a gap. It is branded as the Flex Hinge and when folded is thinner at 0.59” thick vs. 0.63”-0.67” on the Z Flip 4. When unfolded, the thickness remains the same. The weight is also the same despite the larger cover display. The Flex Hinge has a dual rail structure that helps to minimize external impact from drops, etc. It uses Gorilla Glass Victus 2 on the cover display and back panel. It is rated at IPX8 so it can withstand water for up to 30 minutes 3.3 ft below the surface. The Qualcomm processor is also upgraded from the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 to Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, although both are at 4nm. The cameras remain the same, as does the price although the base storage option was increased from 128GBz on the Z Flip 4 to 256 GBs on the Z Flip 5. It is available for pre-order now and with initial sales and deliveries from August 11th. Colors include Mint, Lavender, Cream and Graphite and will also offer Gray, Blue, Green and Yellow. Prices start at $999. By region, Europe is expected to lead with a 41% share of June-October production followed by Korea 34% and the US at just a 17% share.

Z Flip 5 Cover Display in Action

Z Flip 5 Spec Comparison vs. Z Flip 4

While the Z Flip 5 offered a larger and much more functional cover display, the Z Fold 5 didn’t offer any improvements to the cover display. It is still an uncomfortable 23:9 and is LTPS with 48Hz – 120Hz refresh. The main display has a nice 30% bump in brightness to 1750 nits, but that is the only significant display enhancement announced. We will continue to investigate what allowed for the higher brightness. It also adopts the Flex Hinge allowing it to close flat and rest at just about any angle to take photos. It is also IPX8 rated. The folded thickness falls from 0.56”-0.62” on the Fold 4, to 0.53” on the Fold 5. It is also 10g lighter at 253g. It also adopts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which includes better heat dissipated due to an overhauled cooling system. The camera remains the same as the Fold 4. There were some software improvements, however. The taskbar now holds up to four recent apps, which allows users to quickly switch back and forth and a two-handed drag and drop also allows one to move content between apps and screens more easily. You can also touch and hold an image in the Gallery with one finger and use another to open Notes and drop the image. Samsung also introduced a slimmer and more compact S Pen Fold Edition that can be paired with a Slim S Pen Case with the pen only slightly bigger than the case and comes in a variety of colors. It remains priced at a high of $1799 and we see production 7.5% lower from June to October than the Fold 4. It is available in Icy Blue, Phantom Black and Cream. Europe is expected to drive demand for the Z Fold 5 accounting for over a 40% share of June to October production followed by the US and Korea. For more information on Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 panel shipments and production, please see our Quarterly Foldable/Rollable Display Shipment and Technology Report or our Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker.

関連調査レポート Quarterly Foldable/Rollable Display Shipment and Technology Report の詳細仕様・販売価格・一部実データ付き商品サンプル・WEBご試読は こちらから お問い合わせください。

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