iPhone 14用パネル動向分析~4月の調達量は前月比23%減

Published March 20, 2023
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3月末が近づくなか、DSCCによる最新のサプライチェーンデータ調査によると、iPhone 14 シリーズ用パネル出荷数は、前年4月から4月までの同期間のiPhone13シリーズ用に比べて2%増であることが明らかになった。成長率は引き続き低下しているが、その要因として、需要の弱体化、在庫調整、マクロ経済の逆風などが考えられる。

Q1’23のiPhone 14 シリーズ用パネル出荷数は3700万枚に達したが、Q1’22のiPhone 13 シリーズ用パネル出荷数は4000万枚だった。モデル別シェアはiPhone 14 Pro Maxが36%で11ヵ月間以上ラインナップをリード、続いてiPhone 14 Proが28%、iPhone 14が25%、iPhone 14 Plusが11%となっている。

業界全体の在庫調整、継続するマクロ経済の逆風、インフレ圧力、需要の軟化という広範囲にわたる問題の結果として、4月のiPhone 14シリーズ用パネル出荷数は、前年同月のiPhone 13シリーズ用と比べて39%減、今年3月と比べて23%減となった。iPhone 14用パネル出荷数は、2022年7月以来の最低水準になると予測されている。3月末締め四半期は12月末締め四半期と同様になるというAppleのガイダンスによれば、需要展望は依然として弱い状況が続くことになる。

DSCC Reports April Panel Shipments for the iPhone 14 Series Fall 23% M/M

※ご参考※ 無料翻訳ツール (DeepL)

As we approach the end of March, our latest survey of supply chain data shows that panel shipments for the iPhone 14 Series are tracking 2% higher than the iPhone 13 Series during the same time period of April – April. This continued decline in growth is the result of weakening demand, inventory corrections and macroeconomic turbulence.

In Q1’23, iPhone 14 panel shipments reached 37M units versus the iPhone 13 series with 40M units in Q1’22. Over an 11-month period, the iPhone 14 Pro Max continued to lead the lineup with a 36% share, followed by the iPhone 14 Pro with 28%, the iPhone 14 with 25% and the iPhone 14 Plus with 11%.

As a result of the broader issue of overall industry inventory corrections, continued macroeconomic headwinds, inflationary pressures and softening demand, we now see iPhone 14 Series panel shipments falling 39% in April when compared to the iPhone 13 Series in the preceding year and 23% lower than March. iPhone 14 panel shipments are expected to be at the lowest level since July 2022. The demand outlook remains weak based on Apple’s guidance that the March quarter will be similar to the December quarter.

Apple’s iPhone 14 Series vs. iPhone 13 Series Procurement Over 11 Months

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max continue to perform well versus the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The cumulative share for iPhone 14 Pro models through April is expected to be 63% versus a 53% share for the iPhone 13 Pro models. As a result, total panel revenues are 9% higher and blended ASPs are 3% higher for the iPhone 14 Series. During a recent visit to my local Apple store, I noticed that the iPhone 14 Pro series was being discussed among several associates and customers. The iPhone 14 Pro series with an Always on Display, Dynamic Island and 48MP wide rear camera were the key selling points and the motivation for the customer to purchase one of the Pro models, starting at $999. I inquired about the iPhone 13, since I did not see the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max on display. The associate told me that the iPhone 14 is only $50 more than the iPhone 13 when the AT&T activation fee is factored in. The iPhone 13, with 128GB storage costs $749 with AT&T and the iPhone 14 costs $799. Surprisingly, AT&T is the only carrier that charges a $30 activation fee. Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon waive that fee in order to maintain the $100 delta between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13. If you are an AT&T customer and are looking to purchase either an iPhone 12 or 13, be prepared to pay the additional $30 activation fee.

In comparing the iPhone 14 Series vs. the iPhone 13 Series through April, we see the following changes in panel shipments by model:

  • iPhone 14: Down 36%;
  • iPhone 14 Plus vs. iPhone 13 Mini: Up 59%;
  • iPhone 14 Pro: Up 22%;
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: Up 23%.

iPhone 13 Series vs. iPhone 14 Series Mix through April 2022 vs. 2023

SDC continues to dominate Apple’s OLED business with a 68% cumulative share projected through April and a 43% share in April. LGD continues to gain share reaching a 33% share in April and a 19% cumulative share. A contributing factor to LGD’s continued share gain is the certification and availability of LTPO panels for the iPhone 14 Pro Max that started shipping in volume in October 2022. LGD’s volumes overtook SDC’s in the iPhone 14 Pro Max from February. BOE also continues to take share on the iPhone 14 model due to its aggressive panel prices versus both Korean suppliers. BOE’s share in April is expected to be 24% versus 12% in January, with a cumulative share of 13%. For the iPhone 13, BOE’s share was 4%.

iPhone 13 and 14 Shipment Share by OLED Panel Suppliers

This content is available for all flexible and foldable OLED smartphones sold to smartphone brands on a monthly basis including actual results and at least a two-month forecast. If interested, please contact お問い合わせ窓口. DSCC also provides quarterly panel shipments for all of the major smartphone brands along with detailed model specifications and trends in the Quarterly Advanced Smartphone Display Shipment and Technology Report. This report includes all DSCC’s smartphone data from covering all OLED smartphone and panel shipments by brand, model, all display and major non-display parameters, panel and device revenues, regional forecasts for select models and forecasts by quarter and by year through 2027. In addition, it provides insights into technology and innovation trends in OLED display technology, which is applicable to smartphones. There are over 1,200 AMOLED smartphone configurations in our database including variations by substrate, TFT backplane, panel supplier, refresh rate, chipset supplier, design rules, 5G networks and much more. If interested, please contact お問い合わせ窓口.

Quarterly Advanced Smartphone Display Shipment and Technology Report



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