8K TV市場~EUエネルギー政策の影響分析

Published December 12, 2022

大幅に厳格化されたEEI (エネルギー効率指数) が、2023年3月に修正無しで計画通り実施されることを、欧州委員会が認めた。イタリアの新聞DDayが報じている。この新たなEEIにより、欧州では2023年以降、8K TVの販売がさらに難しくなる。現在市場に出回っている8K TVはいずれも要件を満たしていない。

DSCCの Quarterly Advanced TV Shipment and Forecast Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします) によると、以下の図の通り、2021年には西欧が中国と北米を上回る世界最大の8K TV市場となっている。西欧の2021年の8K TV出荷数は、世界全体の31%に相当する11万4000台だった。図が示すように、8K TV出荷数はパンデミックが始まったQ4’20にピークに達し、その後は低水準で安定している。8K TV出荷数はQ3’22まで前年比5%増にとどまっており、西欧での出荷数は3%減となっている。これは、ウクライナでの戦争と高インフレへの懸念がAdvanced TV市場に打撃を与えているためである。

No Change to EU Ruling, 8K TV Threatened in 2023

As reported by Italian newspaper DDay, the EU Commission has confirmed that its much stricter Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) will be implemented as planned in March 2023 without revision. The new EEI will make it much more challenging to sell 8K TVs in Europe in 2023; all 8K TVs on the market there currently fail to meet the requirements.

Western Europe was the largest regional market for 8K TV in 2021, ahead of both China and North America, according to DSCC’s Quarterly Advanced TV Shipment and Forecast Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします), as shown on the chart here. 8K TV shipments in Western Europe totaled 114K units in 2021, 31% of the worldwide total. As the chart shows, 8K TV shipments surged to a peak in Q4 2020 at the start of the pandemic and have since stabilized at a lower level. Through Q3 2022, 8K TV shipments are up only 5% Y/Y, and shipments in Western Europe are down 3% as the Advanced TV market has been hurt by concerns about the war in Ukraine and high inflation.

8K TV Shipments by Region

Source: DSCC’s Quarterly Advanced TV Shipment and Forecast Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします)

According to the new EEI regulations, starting in March 2023 8K TVs will be held to the same requirements as 4K TVs, and this requirement has been lowered by 20% from the 2021 level. The EEI requirement translates to roughly 116W of power consumption for a 65” TV, or 141W for a 75” TV, or 169W for an 85” TV.

The new EEI regulations do not prohibit 8K TVs, they only prohibit TVs that fail to meet the energy consumption requirements. TV makers have several options to make TVs with current technology meet the requirements, as described by Bob Raikes for the 8K Association. The simplest approach may be to reduce the brightness of the ‘out of the box’ setting on the TV. According to Raikes, Sony TVs are already using this approach. Another approach would be to remove the TV tuner and sell the 8K display as a monitor, but this approach is unlikely to be supported by retailers.

At a brand level, Samsung sells an overwhelming majority of 8K TVs in Western Europe, as shown on the next chart here. Although Western Europe includes a few non-EU countries such as the UK and Switzerland, TV makers generally prefer to standardize their models for each region to reduce product complexity.

8K TV Shipments in Western Europe by Brand

Source: DSCC’s Quarterly Advanced TV Shipment and Forecast Report (一部実データ付きサンプルをお送りします)

Samsung is a founding member of the 8K Association and has the biggest stakes in making 8K TV a success in Europe and worldwide. Samsung may choose, like Sony, to reduce the brightness of its 8K TVs in Europe to meet the regulations, but regardless of the path Samsung chooses, the 8K TV market is likely grow more slowly in 2023 as a result of these regulations.

Quarterly Advanced TV Shipment and Forecast Report



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