iPhone "Pro Max" の出荷台数は前年比18%増の見通し~iPhone 14シリーズ生産減速との報道あるも

Published October 3, 2022

Bloombergが先週、Appleが2022年の生産目標をさらに7%引き上げるため準備をするよう発売直前にサプライヤーに求めたものの、最近になってその計画の断念を決定したと報じた。その理由は言うまでもなく世界経済の弱体化で、欧州はエネルギー価格の著しい高騰によって景気後退に向かっているほか、米ドルに対する通貨安もあり、さらにはCOVID関連の封鎖措置と経済の低迷によって中国も不振に陥っている。Jefferiesのレポートによると、中国では販売開始から最初の3日間のiPhoneの売上が前年比11%減で、転売業者の活動が減り、小売店の行列も短くなっているという。Bloombergによると、Appleは2022年にProおよび Pro Maxモデルに重点を置いて、iPhone 14 シリーズを9000万台製造する予定だという。

Apple Reportedly Slows Down iPhone 14 Series Production, But Still Well Ahead of 2021 per DSCC, Pro Max Up 18% Y/Y

Bloomberg reported last week that Apple asked suppliers to get ready for an additional 7% boost to its CY 2022 production targets shortly before launch, but recently decided to cancel those plans. The cause of course is the weakening global economy with Europe headed to a recession on super high energy prices, weaker currencies relative to the $US and even weakness in China due to COVID related shutdowns and economic weakness. Jefferies reported that iPhone sales over the first three days of availability in China were down 11% Y/Y with less scalper activity and shorter lines in retail. Bloomberg said Apple plans to make 90M iPhone 14 Series phones in 2022 with emphasis on the Pro and Pro Max models.

DSCC surveys the OLED supply chain each month on smartphone panel shipments along with other applications. Based on the latest data we collected which represents actuals through August and forecasts through November, iPhone 14 panel shipments are up 6.5% on 2021 to 81.7M panels. With the $899 14 Plus replacing the $699 iPhone 13 Mini, we are also seeing an increase in blended selling price of more than 4% to $962. The Pro and Pro Max are accounting for a 55% share in 2022 vs. 52% in 2021. The 14 Pro Max is by far the best seller in 2022 accounting for a 32% share of panels shipped, up from 29% in 2021, an 18% increase in units with delivery times still at over 40 days in the US. We may also see higher memory configurations than last year given the 48MP camera which could drive additional ASP increases.

iPhone 14 Series vs. 13 Series Panel Shipments Projected Through November

Source: DSCC's Quarterly Advanced Smartphone Display Shipment and Technology Report

The 14 Pro share is down slightly from 23% to 22% vs. the 13 Pro with units up 5%. Where there is weakness is with the 14. The 13 had a 40% share through November in 2021, but the 14 is just at a 23% share in 2022 with units down 38%! The 14 Plus volumes are up 186% vs. the 13 Mini and are accounting for a 22% share vs. 8% for the Mini.

By panel supplier, SDC has maintained the same share as last year despite LGD and BOE expected to win more business at 77%. LGD’s share has actually fallen from 21% to 16% as it has struggled to launch its 14 Pro Max shipments. BOE’s share on the other hand has increased from 2% to 6%.

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Quarterly Advanced Smartphone Display Shipment and Technology Report



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