Galaxy S24シリーズ用パネル、3月までの出荷ペースはS23シリーズ用を13%上回る見通し~S24 Ultraがシェア46%獲得

Published February 12, 2024

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Samsungが1月17日にGalaxy S24シリーズを発表、同日より予約が始まり1月31日に発売となった。DSCCは Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker で、前年11月から発売の1月までの3ヵ月間のS24シリーズ用パネル累計出荷数は、昨年のS23シリーズ用に比べて21%増、一昨年のS22シリーズ用に比べて66%増となったことを明らかにしている。3月までの見通しについては、前年11月から3月までの5ヵ月間のS24シリーズ用パネル累計出荷数は、S23シリーズ用に比べて13%増、S22シリーズ用に比べて47%増になると予測されている。

DSCC Sees S24 Series Panel Shipments Outpacing S23 Series by 13% through March – S24 Ultra Expected to Account for a 46% Share

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 series was announced on January 17th with preorders starting that day and availability on January 31st. As we show in the DSCC Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker, the S24 series cumulative panel shipments in January were 21% higher than the S23 series and 66% higher than the S22 series during the same three month period of November – January leading up to the launch. For March, the S24 series cumulative panel shipments are estimated to be 13% higher versus the S23 series and 47% higher versus the S22 series during the same time five-month period of November – March.

The S24 has a larger display of 6.16” versus 6.06” for the S23 and the S24+ has a 6.66” display size versus a 6.61” display for the S23+. The S24 series uses the 4nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and the 4nm Samsung Exynos 2400 for some regions. The pace of double-digit growth for the S24 series versus the S23 series is due to several factors. These factors include the larger displays at similar price points to the S23 series when launched, a LTPO backplane for all S24 models, strong pre-orders due to very aggressive promotions and the Galaxy AI feature, which Samsung highlighted during their Unpacked Event. Galaxy AI is comprised of four software models which include Google’s Gemini Pro, Gemini Nano and Imagen 2, combined with Samsung’s in-house developed Gauss. Gemini is a generative AI language model mainly used for language related services such as document summarization, translation, search and chat recommendations. Gauss is in charge of voice recognition, interpretation and translation functions that are available in 13 languages. Google has said that Samsung will be one of the first partners to test Gemini Ultra, the largest and most capable Gemini model, before it’s made broadly available to developers and enterprises sometime later this year.

Panel shipments for the S24 series began in October 2023 versus panel shipments for the S23 series starting in November 2022. As such, the chart below shows the comparisons starting in November.

S24 Series vs. S23 Series vs. S22 Series, November – March Time Period

Source: DSCC's Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker

The S24 Ultra had a 51% share in January versus a 53% share for the S23 Ultra in January 2023. The S24 Ultra is expected to have a 46% share in March versus a 48% share for the S23 Ultra in March 2023. The S24+ is expected to have a 24% share in March versus a 16% share for the S23+ in March 2023.

S24 Series Model Share, October – March Time Period

Source: DSCC's Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker

To see more of the Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker and to learn more about the panel shipment trends for the Samsung S24 series and the results for recently launched models such as the Honor Magic 6 series, Oppo Find X7 series and Reno 11 series and much more, as well as many other brands and flagship models, readers should contact

The monthly flagship smartphone tracker includes monthly panel shipment results and a rolling two-month forecast for all flexible and foldable OLED smartphones for all of the major smartphone brands and models.

The tracker covers all flagship models and shows monthly panel shipments by:

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• Color on Encapsulation (CoE)

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• Chipset Supplier

• Chipset

• Typical Brightness

• Peak Brightness

• Device Launch Date

The monthly flagship smartphone tracker serves as an excellent tool for all companies involved in the OLED smartphone supply chain: display material companies and manufacturers, panel suppliers, OEMs, technology developers, brands and telecom companies, financial analysts, etc.; by having the ability to see historical panel shipment results and near-term forecasts by brand, model, panel supplier along with upcoming models to be launched in the near future.

DSCC also provides quarterly panel shipments for all of the major smartphone brands along with detailed model specifications and trends in the Quarterly Advanced Smartphone Display Shipment and Technology Report. This report includes all DSCC’s smartphone data from covering all OLED smartphone and panel shipments by brand, model, all display and major non-display parameters, panel and device revenues, regional forecasts for select models and forecasts by quarter and by year through 2027. In addition, it provides insights into technology and innovation trends in OLED display technology, which is applicable to smartphones. There are over 1,300 AMOLED smartphone configurations in our database including variations by substrate, TFT backplane, panel supplier, refresh rate, chipset supplier, design rules, 5G networks and much more.

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