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1) まずは「お問い合わせフォーム」経由のご要請にて「国内販売価格」を24時間以内にご返信します。 2) 続いて、レポート最新号に基づく「商品サンプル」を作成の上、ご返信します。 3) さらに、ご希望されるお客様には、DSCCアジア代表・田村喜男アナリストによる「本レポートの強み~DSCC独自の分析手法とは」のご説明 (お電話またはWEB面談) の上、お客様のミッションやお悩みをお聞かせください。本レポートを主候補に、課題解決に向けた最適サービスをご提案させていただきます。 4) ご購入後も、掲載内容に関するご質問を国内お客様サポート窓口が承り、質疑応答ミーティングを通じた国内外アナリスト/コンサルタントとの積極的な交流をお手伝いします。


A weekly newsletter of 35-65 pages per week that analyzes display equipment, display materials, TV and smartphone markets. It covers the stock price outlook for display companies, company financial analysis and outlook, analysis of news, market data, pricing data, editorials and more.

​The DSCC Weekly Review provides subscribers with critical market intelligence and technical trends in the display industry. Delivered every Monday, this newsletter includes analysis of panel pricing, supply/demand, new fab developments, flexible display trends, OLED developments and much more. It also covers the display stock price outlook, company financial analysis and outlook, news and other data from primary and secondary sources across the globe.

目次一覧 (最新10月25日号)

The Lead

  • Display Fab Utilization Expected to Slow as Prices Plunge

Notebook PCs and Tablets

  • Apple Announces New Products Including the 14” and 16” MiniLED MacBook Pros
  • Samsung’s Upcoming Tablet Introductions

TVs and Signage

  • Sharp to Re-Enter US TV Market
  • Increased Sales of Public Displays Expected in China from Strong Government Support
  • LG Electronics, Unveils All-in-One Screen Solution LG One: Quick


  • Google Announces Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with Phenomenal Prices!
  • New AMOLED Smartphone from Realme
  • BOE, CSOT and SDC Are Developing OLED for the Galaxy A73
  • Samsung Unpacked Part 2 Showcases Bespoke Edition for the Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Apple Stays Top Brand, Samsung Remains #5


  • Advances in MicroLED to be Presented at the AR/VR Display Forum
  • Porotech Demonstrates First Native Red InGaN Monolithic MicroLED Display
  • Sanan to Invest an Additional $1.1B in its New MiniLED and MicroLED Plant
  • New Micro OLED Project Inbound: XUS’ Plant Is Running in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China


  • TCL Unveils Smart Glasses with Full Color MicroLED
  • TriLite Raises $9M for its Laser Beam Scanning Technology
  • Varjo Launches High-End Consumer VR Headset with MiniLED LCD

Fabs and Equipment

  • 47 New POs and Awards Last Week
  • AUO to Expand China G6 LTPS, Create Subsidiary

Panel Supplier Financials

  • CHOT’s Q3’21 Earnings Release


  • Corning Responds to SCHOTT’s Introduction of Xensation α

Holographic Displays

  • Light Field Lab Unveils 28” Holographic Display with 2.5 Billion Pixels

Display Stocks and the Economy

  • Strong Earnings and Capex Announcements Drive Stocks Higher, Except for Panel Stocks

The DSCC Weekly Review includes:

  • Panel supplier stock index, consisting of 8 panel suppliers, and analysis of weekly changes by supplier and of the overall index, updated daily for customers who upgrade to the daily option.
  • Analysis of financial analysts' research and ratings changes.
  • Display supply chain companies stock price outlook
  • Analysis of weekly news based on 60+ years of industry experience.
  • Editorials on key issues facing the display industry.
  • Panel pricing and analysis
  • Monthly panel suppliers' revenues and shipments
  • New fab activity
  • Equipment supplier design wins
  • Panel suppliers financial results and analysis along with new product analysis.
  • FPD equipment suppliers' financial results and analysis along with new product analysis
  • FPD material suppliers financial results and analysis along with new product analysis
  • TV brands financial results and analysis along with new product analysis
  • Retailers financial results and analysis​
  • Excerpts from DSCC's valuable monthly, quarterly and annual reports;
  • Analysis and industry insight from Display Daily contributors
  • Analysis of news items that affect the display industry, including applications outside of the traditional flat panel space, such as large-format LEDs and AR/VR devices.
  • Extensive new product launch coverage.
  • Equipment supplier stock index, consisting of 25 display equipment suppliers from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the US as well as analysis of weekly changes by supplier and of the overall index.

Worldwide Display Industry Event Coverage

  • 8K Display Summit
  • AWE EU
  • CE Week
  • CES
  • China Hi-Tech Fair Summary
  • China Information Technology Expo
  • CinemaCon
  • Detroit SID Vehicle Display Symposium
  • Digital Signage Week
  • Display China
  • DSCC’s Future of Technologies and Markets Conference
  • DSCC Japan Seminar
  • DSCC Korea Conference
  • Electronics Displays Conference
  • FineTech Japan
  • IDTechEx
  • IFA: Consumer Electronics Unlimited
  • InterBEE
  • International Meeting on Information Display
  • IMID/DSCC Display Industry Forum
  • Integrated Systems Europe
  • KLA Investor Day
  • Mobile World Congress China
  • NAB Show
  • NRF: Retail’s Big Show & Expo
  • OLEDs Summit
  • Pepcom
  • Quantum Dots Forum
  • SID Display Week
  • SID/DSCC Business Track
  • Taiwan Display Suppliers Show
  • TechWorks Awards
  • Touch Taiwan
  • ​And many more...

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