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1) まずは「お問い合わせフォーム」経由のご要請にて「国内販売価格」を24時間以内にご返信します。 2) 続いて、レポート最新号に基づく「商品サンプル」を作成の上、ご返信します。 3) さらに、ご希望されるお客様には、DSCCアジア代表・田村喜男アナリストによる「本レポートの強み~DSCC独自の分析手法とは」のご説明 (お電話またはWEB面談) の上、お客様のミッションやお悩みをお聞かせください。本レポートを主候補に、課題解決に向けた最適サービスをご提案させていただきます。 4) ご購入後も、掲載内容に関するご質問を国内お客様サポート窓口が承り、質疑応答ミーティングを通じた国内外アナリスト/コンサルタントとの積極的な交流をお手伝いします。


Due to the expectation that OLEDs and MiniLED backlit LCDs will see growing penetration into the tablet, notebook and desktop monitor markets, DSCC has developed a cost model that compares all existing and emerging advanced display technologies entering these markets. These include a-Si LCD/Oxide LCD/LTPS LCD/ MiniLED backlit LCD/rigid OLED/flexible OLED/foldable OLED/WOLED/Inkjet OLED IT panel display costs. The OLED cost model examines all of the different form factors currently sold into, or coming into, the IT Panel market. In addition, the cost model differentiates between panels made in China, Taiwan and Korea. Panels covered range from 10.9” to 32”. More displays will be added as these categories continue to emerge. The report Includes detailed BOM breakdown, costs and margins and forecasts these parameters out to 2025.

This report covers and compares the following topics:

  • Application: Tablet, Notebook PC, Monitor
  • Panel Sizes: 10.9"/12.9"/13.3"/15.6"/17.3"/23.8"/27"/31-32" etc.
  • Panel Resolutions: HD/FHD/QHD/UHD, etc.
  • Technology:
    • a-Si LCD
    • Oxide LCD
    • LTPS LCD
    • MiniLED Backlight LCD
    • Rigid OLED
    • Foldable OLED
    • WOLED
    • Inkjet OLED
  • Region:
    • China
    • Taiwan
    • Korea
  • Fab generations:
    • G6
    • G7.5
    • G8.5
    • G10.5
  • Cost Breakdown by Components:
    • Glass Substrate
    • Array materials
    • Color Filter
    • OLED materials
    • Liquid Crystal
    • Cell materials
    • Polarizer
    • Driver IC
    • PCBA
    • Backlight
  • Costs Breakdown by Non-components:
    • Depreciation by Process & Facility
    • Personnel cost by Cell/Module Process
    • Indirect Expense
    • SG&A
  • Forecasted on a rolling 5-year basis
  • Panel prices provided and forecasted
  • Panel margins provided and forecasted
  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Cost Analysis by Technology
    • a-Si LCD
    • Oxide LCD
    • LTPS LCD
    • MiniLED Backlight LCD
      • PCB backplanes
      • Glass backplanes
      • Different LED and zone numbers
    • Rigid OLED
    • Foldable OLED
    • WOLED
    • Inkjet OLED
  • Cost Comparisons by Region
    • China
    • Taiwan
    • Korea  

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